T-Grip Lite Bar

T-Grip Lite Bar is the most versatile and functional exercise bar on the Market. No other bar or exercise device fuses countless Calorie-Blasting full body exercises together. The multi-hand grip options opens up your training to a whole new level. Start getting astonishing body ripping results that everyone will notice.

The T-Grip Lite Bar is one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment, I’d be lost without it!  Get yours at the T-Grip Store and start getting BodyFiiT with the T-Grip Lite Bar today.

If you order the T-Grip Lite Bar Weight Set (CS-TG-G) you get everything you need to get started:

1- Patented T-Grip Lite Bar 

2- 2.5lb, 2- 5lb, 2- 10lb Weights

2- Spring Collars

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T-Grip Lite Bar