24 minutes of “Continuous” intense training using multiple muscle groups without machines

  • 8 Minutes Resistance Training
  • 8 Minutes Aerobic Training
  • 8 Minutes for Ab’s and Core

24 Minutes of continuous training, organized in such a way to keep you moving and keep your heart rate elevated for the most incredible whole body training you have ever experienced!

*Don’t forget your:



  • Start out slow if your form is poor until you develop your muscles and learn the technique of each move.  Then strive to increase how may reps you can complete while fully engaging your muscles.
  • You should work hard, pushing yourself to achieve as many reps as possible during each set.  It is extremely important to do each rep with proper form as to NOT injure yourself!
  • You should be moving continuously from one exercise to the other.  If you need to modify the exercise and the modification is still too difficult, choose an exercise you can perform for that segment and pick up on the next move.
  • Your muscles should feel tired and worked without ever reaching total failure!
  • If you have never exercised before and this workout is to advanced for you, I suggest you work with a personal trainer to learn the basics of resistance training then return for BodyFiiT’s SUMMER SHRED incredible workout.
  • Remember to have fun, train with your favorite music and a training partner if you can.  Don’t forget your Gymboss interval timer app to program your timed rounds.

Supplies and Equipment used in BodyFiiT’s SUMMER SHRED:

Yoga Mat
Gymboss interval timer app
Polar heart rate monitor
T-Grip Lite Bar
Ugi Ball

*Check out my store if you would like to use any of these items in your SUMMER SHRED workout.

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