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Egg White Veggie Bake

This was an inspiration for me which came from a similar breakfast meal I make for my husband to bring to work. His version has all the yolks and some other less figure friendly ingredients for us women (unless your daily activity or employment are as demanding for such food energy as his!)  I liked the idea that I can bake this on Sunday and have it ready for the rest of the week. It can be so difficult and costly to eat right on the go; this just makes it simple for me!


14 Egg whites (or 16oz liquid egg whites)

10 oz Package defrosted frozen chopped spinach

6 oz Alpine lace swiss cheese chopped

1 Large yellow pepper chopped

3 Large mushrooms chopped

1 tsp Olive oil Black pepper to taste

Pepper trio to taste

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees for convection* ovens.

-Spray 9” deep pie dish with non-stick olive oil spray.

-Squeeze excess water from spinach, add to cheese and set aside.

-Sweat mushroom and yellow pepper in olive oil in microwave using a covered all glass oven-safe bowl.

-Add mushroom, yellow pepper and spices to spinach and cheese.

-Beat egg whites on high till frothy. Then add remaining ingredients and beat on low till blended.

-Immediately pour into pie dish and place in preheated oven, center rack, on top of a baking sheet.

-Bake for 50-55 minutes using a convection oven (*about 65 minutes for conventional ovens).

-Lightly cover with aluminum foil half way through cooking to avoid burning the top.

-Remove from oven.  I allow cooling slightly before cutting into 6 servings (when the top flattens out).

-Refrigerate leftovers for later which can be reheated in the microwave or enjoyed cold.

Makes 6 Servings at approximately:

163 Calories

7 grams Carbohydrates

18 grams Protein

7 grams Fat

I prefer cherry tomato slices and a splash of Tabasco Chipotle sauce on my egg white vege bake.  It’s also a delicious, quick protein treat, plain and cold right from the frig. I do miss adding garlic powder and vidalia onion but I keep away from the lingering spices early in the day, as I am usually in close contact with clients, so I try to keep from these spices till the evening. Try your favorite vegetables, low fat cheese and spices in place of mine for your personal liking!  Let me know how you like this and what vegetables you prefer to add.  I’d love to hear from all of you. Stay BodyFiiT xoxo

BodyFiiT Egg White Vege Bake1 595

Ready for the Oven!

BodyFiiT Egg White Vege Bake2 595

Ready to be Sliced

BodyFiiT Egg White Vege Bake3 595

Shown with Cherry Tomato & Chipotle Sauce

BodyFiiT Egg White Vege Bake4 595

BodyFiiT Egg White Veggie Bake

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